Event Production Services



At Chilli Productions, we have experienced all sorts of events. We've worked at weddings, birthday parties, balls, corporate functions, awards ceremonies, you name it, we've probably done it!
However, no two events are the same, and why should they be?
Every event should be individual, a one off and definitely, one to remember..!

We take great pride in playing our part in creating memorable events for all our clients.

If you're planning a wedding, a party or corporate event and would like to explore the world of technical production to enhance your venue, marquee, house, barn or field, we have all sorts of solutions that will impress your guests and give you something amazing to remember.

If you would like to know any more about any of the Production Services we offer or would like to speak to us about an event you're planning, get in touch by phone, email or the contact form below.

Power Distribution & Generation

If you're planning on hosting your event anywhere other than a dedicated events venue, the first thing you may need to consider is your power requirements. Domestic electricity supplies normally haven't got the capacity to power grand events, particularly if you will be using catering equipment or temperature control.
We can lease with all your other suppliers to see what power requirements they have, and will draft all this onto a plan. Once we have calculated everything, if necessary, we can arrange for a suitable sized generator to be delivered to your venue and positioned somewhere convenient for the location and everything it will be supplying. We  provide and install temporary mains cables and purpose built distribution boxes to all the areas that need it, then smaller cables and sockets for all the equipment that needs plugging in.
We take power very seriously and everything we do will be electrically tested to make sure its all perfectly safe. We also regularly provide staff to be available for the whole time the event is running, this way, if there are any issues they can be sorted out by trained persons in the shortest possible time.
If your event is running for more than a day or two, we take care of any fuel management required to keep you up and running for the duration of the event.
If there is sufficient power available and generators are not required, we stock all the cabling and distribution required to connect up to the existing electrical supplies, providing power to exactly where its needed.


Getting the lighting right is a crucially important aspect for events of all types and sizes. The right lighting can set the desired tone and mood for each variety of event and venue and is one of the key essentials to create ambience - Yet is is so often overlooked.

We stock various types of lighting equipment, and all are used for different purposes, with varying degrees of complexity for control.
However, even some of the more basic options, actually create the most transforming effects.
Uplighters placed around the perimeter of a room or marquee can completely transform it, changing the mood with different colours. The great advantage with LED technology is that modern uplighters let you pick virtually any colour in the rainbow. We even use wireless, battery powered uplighters, that have the option of setting colours with a remote control. So no complex control systems required.
High powered floodlights, used outside and projected onto trees or buildings can change a dark outside space into a light, colourful, enchanting new area.
Festoon lights produce an almost festival feel when used for lighting a route in the dark. Yet its also a great and relatively inexpensive way to give subtle, ambient light in outdoor spaces. 
Party lights, like moonflowers, lasers, UV cannons & washes can create amazing effects on any dance floor especially if you're able to combine them with haze or smoke.
We also use 'intelligent' lighting, moving lights that can slowly throw a beam of light or pattern around a room, or whizz round the dance floor to get the party going. 

Audio & AV

Audio and AV systems are the next layer in the event production package. From a basic PA system for speeches, to a full sound set up for a live band or DJ, we're no strangers to running sound for events. 

We have a range of wired and wireless microphones available. Wireless microphones are perfect for making wedding speeches and presentations, avoiding all the trip hazards and inconveniences that come with running cable through a venue. 
Our audio equipment is perfect for whether it’s a conference speech, or a late night disco, there is a PA system fit for every occasion. We have active and passive systems which can come with powerful bass subwoofers to fill the dance floor and provide an incredible sound for a disco. 
We also provide mixing desks and playback devices for your music. Whether you choose to go for a simple iPod playlist or all out on professional DJ kit, we can assist with picking the right equipment for the job.

Crew & Technicians

We pride ourselves on having a broad knowledge of the industry and being able to supply equipment for events of varying scales. However, we also have great relationships with a huge network of professional production crew, technicians and operators.
For larger or more complex events we will always use specialists technicians in their professional field to operate the lighting, mix audio or edit and display video content. As after all, you wouldn't want a dentist to build you a house!